Being Highly Sensitive doesn't have to feel
like a curse.

We'll help you shake off the sensitivity stigma, feel more confident, and have consistent energy to live a life you love.

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If you're ready to start accepting (and even loving) who you are, you're in the right place. 

For too long, Highly Sensitive People (HSP) have felt relegated to the shadows.  In subtle and not-so-subtle ways, we've gotten the message that we're somehow wrong or defective. 

In actuality, we're reacting naturally to a world that is too noisy, too intense, and too harsh for the way we're wired. Highly Sensitive People are born exactly as we're meant to be, and we have profound gifts to share with the world when we feel safe to be ourselves.

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Are YOU a Highly Sensitive Person?

Learn more about this genetic trait, also known as Sensory Processing Sensitivity, that 1-in-5 people are born with.
If you've got it, it explains SO much.

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We know that being Highly Sensitive can be challenging, but it doesn't have to feel like a curse.  Join hundreds of HSPs who we've helped ditch the sensitivity stigma and step into a more confident, calm version of themselves.

What we do...

Hi, I'm Brooke.
Your HSP Friend 
+ Cheerleader

Most of us HSPs grew up feeling "too sensitive", "too much" and at the same time, not enough. My mission is to help challenge those perceptions so that you see the gifts in what you thought were the worst parts of yourself. 

Around here I bring my expertise as a trauma-informed therapist (flanked by our team of experienced HSP coaches) to give you tools for feeling more confident and living a more energized life.  I also LOVE learning, adorable dogs (I've got two!), and helping people like you learn how to be unapologetically themselves.

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The Ultimate Toolkit to Embrace Who You Are & Make Gentle Change

A Roadmap for Thriving: This toolkit gives you the essentials
you need to live with peace and purpose as a Highly Sensitive Person.


Our signature offering

Gentle Life Coaching
for HSPs

This isn't generic life coaching. We specialize in customized support for HSPs by HSPs. Our HSP coaching guidance, rooted in experience and our unique methodology, helps you reconnect to your inherent well-being.

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Success Stories


"My life has completely changed!
I now have more consistent energy. I speak up for my needs and  I've started to love parts of myself that I thought were a nuisance - things like noticing beauty, and being really conscientious.
I'm much gentler with myself,
and I value my sensitivity."

- Angie, Intuitive Warrior STUDENT


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