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You may feel exhausted by life and like one more loud noise, upsetting news story, or stressor will push you over the edge.  


You may spend a lot of time worrying about everything that's wrong with the world and your life, anxious about all the "what ifs".


You're tired of repeating certain life and relationship patterns, but it's hard to find your way to lasting change.



Brooke Nielsen

Life doesn't have to be so painful.

It's time you finally got the right type of support for you.

You don't have to keep jumping from self-help thing to thing, all while judging yourself for continuing to struggle.

If you're like most people I work with, you've never been the problem. You just haven't had the right type of support from someone who truly gets it. 

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i've been there.

I know the way through.

I used to think something was wrong with me.

17 years ago I suffered from crippling anxiety, overwhelm and self-doubt. Even simple tasks felt like a slog.

Through my own journey of understanding my sensitivity and becoming a licensed therapist, I've been able to help hundreds of HSPs dispel the stigma of sensitivity and regaining a sense of confidence and self-trust.

Over the last 15+ years, it's been an honor to watch HSPs who once hid in the shadows of life feel the confidence self-assurace to soar.

I've built a simple process to help you vision and realize the life you've always wanted (but maybe never thought possible).

The Intuitive Warrior Methodology is a
6 Step framework based on my years of experience as an HSP therapist.

Step 1: HSP Clarity and Self-Acceptance 

Finally stop feeling “weird” and “defective” by understand the valid reasons you are how you are

Gain clarity on your next steps in life as you understand how to support- and not fight- your sensitivity

Feel confident as you start appreciating your gifts and strengths.

Step 2: Create Your C.A.L.M. Plan

Experience daily calm as you learn how to honor your nervous system

Feel rested with renewed energy as you learn how to assess your triggers and bounce back from overwhelm

Create your individualized roadmap for experiencing a thriving life

Step 3: Self-Trust Tune Up

Learn how to better harness your intuition so you can take advantage of this superpower

Uncover your body’s brilliant system for communicating and directing your actions

Watch as your self-trust creates more fulfilling, two-way relationships

Make decisions with confidence

Step 4: Heal Your Hot Spots

Learn how to ride the waves of your feelings and say farewell to emotional overwhelm

Reduce your anxiety through uncovering its hidden message 

Shift out of perfectionism and into healthy striving 

Learn how to stop people pleasing (once and for all) so you can enjoy mutually satisfying relationship

Step 5: Boundaries for Protection and Connection 

Use HSP-friendly psychology to keep out energies which don’t support your life

Use gentle boundaries to attract the guidance, healing, and successful relationships you want

Uncover and heal hidden beliefs which may be causing you to “take on” the energy of others

Enjoy two-way, fulfilling relationships with equal give and take

Step 6: Self Love Regroup 

Integrate everything you've learned so that your new tools fall into place seamlessly

Get a crystal-clear roadmap with your most important take-aways so you always have the support you need at your fingertips 

Celebrate how far you've come!

examples of TYPICAL
IW coaching OUTCOMES



What my clients are saying


"The work I've done with Brooke has changed my life."

I first went to Brooke as an anxious, highly sensitive empath. A text-book worrier. The work I've done with Brooke has changed my life. She is warm, compassionate, and her intuition is spot-on. Since working with Brooke I no longer consider myself an anxious person or a worrier. She's helped me find the warrior inside.


"Brooke is an insightful, caring and talented therapist and coach...she is truly an amazing human."

Her combination of warmth, compassion and knowledge of the Highly Sensitive Person makes her an expert in connection. Intuitive Warrior is an expression of her gifts and talents; so many will benefit from her work. She is truly an amazing human.


"I experienced a sense of empowerment and pride in being an HSP and feeling more prepared to go through life with a new set of skills."

With the name ‘Intuitive Warrior,’ Brooke highlights the strengths that we hold. I felt like I was given permission to be me .

It would be an honor to support you.

I offer transformative coaching and deep healing work, and I'd love to be a part of your journey.  

Coaching with me takes numerous forms:
  • A single session that includes an HSP assessment or gaining clarity on the root of your stress
  • Ongoing coaching sessions in which we unpack (and heal) topics like anxiety, life satisfaction, overwhelm, how to harness your strengths, etc.
  • Business-focused coaching in which work through your personal challenges (perfectionism, using your voice, being seen, etc.)

If you'd like to apply for coaching or get more information, please fill out the form below!


Frequently Asked Questions

What's the difference between coaching and therapy?

I’m not sure I’m an HSP - should I still apply for coaching?

What can I expect in a coaching session?

How is coaching with Brooke different from other coaching? 

How long does it take?

Your coaching is completely customized to meet your needs. Because each person comes with differing backgrounds, goals, and starting places, it's hard to estimate the length of coaching.

In general, I've noticed these trends:
  1. People with more simple or straightforward goals may complete coaching within 3-6 months. 
  2. HSPs with more complex (or a greater number of) challenges may work with us for 6-12+ months
  3. Others continue seeing me for 1-3 years, finding comfort in knowing they have consistent support for life's ongoing challenges.

No matter which category applies to you, please know that you're in the driver's seat and that we can figure out the best path of support for you.

Get Started in 3 Steps

I’ve built a simple process to help jump start your gentle transformation.



Fill out the application below to give me some brief information about you, how you're struggling and what you're hoping to gain from coaching. 



Next, I'll invite you to a free 15-minute consultation where I'll answer any of your questions and learn a bit more about you.


Scheduling a Coaching Session

In your first session, we'll start building a plan catered to your unique needs. I'll make sure you feel supported as we explore areas of struggle and give gentle guidance as you move towards liberation.

Here’s how it works:

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- Angie

My life has truly completely changed. I now have more consistent energy, I speak up for my needs, and I value my sensitivity.

I've started to love parts of myself that I thought were at annoying or a nuisance. I'm much gentler with myself. I'm more trusting in myself and my intuition. I'm way more in tune with what feels natural for me. Thank you so much Brooke!

You deserve life-changing support.

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Coaching spots are limited, so if you're interested in seeing if we'd be a good fit, fill out my quick and easy coaching questionnaire today.

I look forward to hearing from you!

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