How to Break Free From Empathy Overload

How to Break Free From Empathy Overload

Learn 5 Ways to Prevent Emotional Overwhelm, Set Energetic Boundaries, and Feel Centered in Yourself No Matter What’s Going on Around You

FREE Workshop for Highly Sensitive People


Exactly what you, as an HSP, need to feel centered in yourself without absorbing the energy of everyone around you

How to connect with your body so you can finally find the confidence to trust your intuition

How you can start examining the unconscious beliefs you have about how other people’s emotions affect you 

Why your unique superpowers are the key to building a strong sense of who you are and feeling safe being you no matter who you’re with.

A step-by-step action plan to build a healthy energetic hygiene practice that protects and restores you from negative energy situations. 

And so much more…

In this FREE workshop, you'll learn:

This Workshop is a Must-Attend if you...

Soak up the moods and energies of people around you

Want to set better boundaries but are afraid of losing love and connection in the process

Consider yourself a people-pleaser or a shape-shifter despite your desire to be grounded and confident

Struggle with opening your heart and paying the price OR putting up walls and feeling disconnected

Have a hard time knowing what you really want & need

Get overwhelmed from trying to process your own intense feelings and other people’s moods as well

Want to learn how to manage your empathy overload and harness your sensitivity to create meaningful connections without the overwhelm


“It felt like Brooke painted a picture of a brighter future for me. I wasn't able to paint that picture, I was stuck deeply, but I was able to look at her picture and hear how she was like me before and that she learned to paint a brighter picture for herself. In a gentle and compassionate way. It gave me real hope for the first time in years.” - Lisa-Marie

“After 58 years of living my life feeling not-good-enough, I now feel like I'm stepping into a world where it's ok to be myself, this is who I am in this world, and it's deeply acceptable to operate this way.” - Jen

“I no longer feel burnt out or on edge all the time. I not only understand my needs more, but I own them in a more empowered way. Also, I can feel my energetic boundaries becoming healthier. I don’t expect it to be a flip switched, but I notice incremental change, and it’s a huge win that I’m using the energetic boundary tools and knowledge on a daily basis.” - Angie

Nature enthusiast, dog lover, HSP maven, and founder of the Therapeutic Center for Highly Sensitive People. 

And ever since I learned how to set energetic boundaries and manage my empathetic overload, I’ve been teaching my clients and students how to harness their biggest superpowers—their sensitivity!

In this brand new FREE workshop, I’m packaging up everything I’ve discovered over my 15 years of clinical experience, and as a fellow HSP to give you 6 tools to feel centered no matter what’s going on around you. 

If you’re ready to ditch the overwhelm, stop feeling drained by others, and set boundaries that’ll let you live your dream life, then join me!

I can’t wait to slash the learning curve and get you feeling confident, clear, and centered faster than ever. 

Can’t wait to see you there!

Yours in Sensitivity, 


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