How to Break Free From Empathy Overload

How to Break Free From Empathy Overload

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Do you feel like a human sponge, constantly soaking up the negativity of others?

Do you lose sleep because your partner is upset again and you feel lost and unable to solve the problem (All while wishing somebody would truly care about you)?

Have you ever walked into a room and felt what everyone’s going through?

Do you find yourself disconnecting from your work, your family, your feelings and even yourself because you’re just too exhausted to carry their problems for them? 

Have you found it near-impossible to “protect yourself” from other people’s moods?

Are you constantly “reading the room” and reacting to how you perceive everyone else to be, often at the expense of your own energy?

Are you feeling burned out before the day has even begun because of the overwhelm you feel?

Is it starting to dawn on you the more you focus on others, the harder showing your “true self” to the world really becomes?

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You can learn to shake off negative energy, stop suppressing your emotions, and have consistently happier relationships.

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You bundle all this pain inside and keep it all to yourself…

Most of your friends and family simply don’t understand. They can’t empathize with what you’re experiencing each and every day. This isn’t like work - you don’t get weekends off from being a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

Have you ever wondered if you’re simply destined to be stuck, shielding your true self from the world around you… forever? No matter what you do, how you act, which ideas you try, you simply can’t prevent other people’s moods from ruining your own emotional state.

You feel like a chameleon. You seem to morph into a slightly different person for each encounter you have, presenting yourself differently each time, depending on who you think the other person wants to see and talk to.

You’re constantly guessing the other person’s needs and trying to mirror this back to them.

But it leaves you starting to ask yourself:

But what are energetic boundaries?

“Does anybody really know the real me?”
“Why am I always giving, giving, giving, with nothing ever coming back?”
“Do I even remember who the real me is anymore?”

Can you imagine your life if you could finally control what energy gets in and what energy stays out of your body?

Building this skill, healing your “energetic boundaries,” is a powerful way to feel centered and grounded, regardless of what’s going on in your life or the lives of those around you.

Energetic boundaries are the energetic fields surrounding your body which repel or absorb information during your day. 

Healthy energetic boundaries block out the negative energies and negative emotions you may normally absorb from other people.

Think of it like this: our skin protects us physically. But our skin’s protection stops there. It doesn’t help protect us emotionally and mentally. This is why you need to heal and strengthen your own second skin - Your energetic boundaries!


The Turning Point

Most people have heard about boundaries and realize the importance of setting boundaries in their life – Both for themselves and the people they deal with each day.

The problem is, most information on boundaries out there is for non-HSPs. The common techniques taught for boundary setting can feel too harsh or aggressive to us.

Crystal-clarity on who you truly are

Partnerships in which you feel confident enough to truly be the “real you”…

When you learn these 5 steps to create healthy energetic boundaries, you will find:

True, balanced relationships built on mutual respect (No more “giving way more” than the other person just to make your relationship work)…

Being true to who you really are. No more masks, smokescreens, veils, hiding or retreating…

Confidence to openly voice your desires and thoughts without feeling the need to people please

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“It felt like Brooke painted a picture of a brighter future for me. I was stuck deeply, and in a gentle and compassionate way, it gave me real hope for the first time in years. And then it felt like she was teaching us how she painted her picture. Not telling us how our picture should look like. But inspiring us by telling us what was possible.”


Brooke Nielsen is a licensed marriage and family therapist (LMFT) who received her Masters degree from the University of San Diego. Brooke has advanced training in trauma healing and has amassed 15,000+ hours of real-world experience helping people just like you in private practice and online.

Brooke is a thought-leader for HSPs and has spoken as an expert at large gatherings and summits. Her content is featured in popular online communities like Highly Sensitive Refuge, The Mighty, and Introvert Dear. Her real-world training as a therapist helps Brooke take her teachings for HSPs much deeper than you’ll often find through coaching services. 

In Your Break Free From
Empathy Overload Workshop

you'll learn:

How to stop feeling like a chameleon, constantly shape-shifting to be who you think the other person wants you to be

How you can be there for people you care about without having to soak up their negative energy, bad moods, and pain

Break free from the shackles which keep you from living your life the way you want to 

How to quit feeling like a frayed electrical cord which is one spark away from a meltdown

How to develop healthy energetic boundaries which help you reclaim your life

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"Your way of teaching is so beautiful and helpful."


"Learning boundary setting as something I create within myself as an approach to the world, vs the feeling that I have to put up walls against the world to protect myself...has been life changing." 



“After 58 years of living my life feeling not-good-enough, I now feel like I'm stepping into a world where it's ok to be myself, this is who I am in this world, and it's deeply acceptable to operate this way.” 


“I no longer feel burnt out or on edge all the time.  I can feel my energetic boundaries becoming healthier. I don’t expect it to be a flip switched, but I notice incremental change, and it’s a huge win that I’m using the energetic boundary tools and knowledge on a daily basis.”