Feel confident and centered in yourself no matter what’s going on around you

Feel at peace and centered in yourself no matter what’s going on around you

...without hiding your real self, losing connection with others, or giving up your empathetic superpowers. 

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“It felt like Brooke painted a picture of a brighter future for me. I was stuck deeply, and in a gentle and compassionate way, it gave me real hope for the first time in years. And then it felt like she was teaching us how she painted her picture. Not telling us how our picture should look like. But inspiring us by telling us what was possible.”


The world around you is radiating energy and emotion.

And as far as you can tell, there’s no way to keep from feeling it all. 

It can feel unfair that some people seem born with the capacity to not be weighed down by others’ moods when you feel everything.

Whether you’re especially down after watching a disturbing TV show, on edge because of that awful *scraping* sound from the construction project outside your window, or can’t sleep because your partner is upset again...

Being a Highly Sensitive Person can leave you feeling exhausted and emotionally overloaded. 

Have you ever walked into a room and felt what everyone’s going through?

Does this sound familiar?

Does this sound familiar?

You feel like a chameleon who shape-shifts to meet other people where they’re at

You’re confused about how to be there for somebody you love without soaking up their moods

You’ve lost sight of who *you* really are because you’re always mirroring other people’s emotions

You're weighed down by the heaviness of the world

Your soul is tired, like you've been running a marathon in the desert

you are not alone.

At the end of the day, you’re depleted and drained of energy—like a zombie. 

Somewhere along the way, you might have even started to wonder if there’s something wrong with you—is it fatigue? A physical illness? Iron deficiency? 

...But the worst part? 

You’re keeping all of this to yourself. Because when you’ve attempted to share these things with your friends or family before, they’ve squinted their eyes, crinkled up their nose, and said “Wait. What do you mean?”

You wonder if you’ll be stuck trying to shield yourself from the world forever

Because no matter what you do, you can’t seem to…

Stop over-identifying with other people long enough to turn your attention inward. 

Prevent other people’s moods from throwing you out of whack.

Realize your limits and accept that you have needs.

You probably think that a life like that is only reserved for the non-HSPs among us. That's what I used to believe. But you know what?

It doesn’t have to be this way. 

Stop over-identifying with other people long enough to turn your attention inward. 

Feel confidently centered in yourself.

You DON'T have to go through the day feeling like a frayed electrical cord. 

You DON'T have to collapse into bed at the end of the day feeling like you’ve run a marathon.

Immediately release negative energy after a conversation with someone full of anger or sadness. 

Feel crystal clear on who you are- every single day.

Have consistent energy to be creative or get quality work done.

So, how do you liberate yourself from the world’s muck and step into a calm, confident version of yourself? 

Energy alchemy and empowered boundaries are the key to feeling centered no matter what’s going on around you.

energetic boundaries.

Ready for some Great news?


By healing your

Your empathy is one of your superpowers, and you’ll learn how to use this gift in a way that doesn't leave you depleted.

in just a few short weeks you'll:

Say goodbye to Human Sponge Syndrome and finally stop feeling lost in other people’s emotions 

Stop shape-shifting into different versions of yourself to please the people around you

Known your needs and feel comfortable setting boundaries that protect your energy

Grow into a healthier version of you- your Authentic Self

Connect with your body’s wisdom

Break free from old patterns no longer serving you


Master therapist, nature enthusiast, dog lover, and your fellow HSP. 

But life wasn’t always so great for me. I know what it’s like to be a human sponge, soaking up the moods and energies of everyone around me. 

Even as a child, I was constantly reading the room to deal with a parent who couldn’t manage their own emotions. I was hyper-attuned to the world, and I was either too overwhelmed and anxious or had to disconnect from myself to survive. 

I didn’t know how to protect myself from other people’s moods in a way that didn't have negative consequences (here's a picture of me super checked out and disconnected from the real me).

Meet your sensitivity coach & biggest cheerleader

the longer I spent weighed down by the world and the people in it—some of whom I loved dearly—the further away from my true self I felt.

Be big-hearted without soaking up others' emotions.

tune into your own needs, desires, and preferences.

Untangle from other people’s energies so you can connect without the fatigue. 

All of that started to shift when I learned about HSPs and energetic boundaries. I started to pursue my own healing—and it clicked. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was building a system to take my life back.

Now, my life is unrecognizable. I have a partner and friends who I can be my truest self with, I know how to work with my needs and create easy boundaries, and I have the energy to build a business to helping other HSPs find freedom.

All of that to say…

I’m living proof that healing your energetic boundaries can allow you to embrace your empathetic gifts.

I’ve taken my personal learning and everything I know as a clinical therapist with 15 years of experience in the field…

And I’ve compiled it into a supportive, gentle program that will help you:

I’m pulling back the curtain to reveal the *exact* process I used to heal myself. 

It’s worked for me, my clients, and hundreds of other HSPs just like you.

And it’s waiting for you on the other side of the button below. 


"Your way of teaching is so beautiful and helpful."


"Each time I shared any experience, I got such love and support from everyone in the community that made me realise that I don’t walk alone in this sometimes big and nasty world."



"I loved getting to spend time/$$$ "on me." It felt strange to sneak away from work to go on the calls but it was liberating to put myself first."


"So many times now in being in this program, I have felt in a rough place in my life or in work, and then I come into this sacred community, and I feel totally validated."


"Learning boundary setting as something I create within myself as an approach to the world, vs the feeling that I have to put up walls against the world to protect myself...has been life changing." 


"My favorite part is being amongst others who experience the world in similar ways... and feeling less on my own in terms of how to move through life with much more calm and peace."


The only program designed to help you heal your energetic boundaries so you can feel centered in yourself no matter what’s going on around you.

...without losing your most powerful gift: your empathetic superpowers.



In this course, you’ll get the exact steps I’ve used to help hundreds of HSPs reclaim a trusting relationship with themselves and create meaningful connections with people that don’t leave them drained.

The Liberated HSP includes: The Liberated HSP includes 8 Modules designed to give you the knowledge and tools you need to heal your energetic boundaries and reclaim yourself. 

Inside, you’ll find a plethora of videos, guided audios and Growth Sheets created by a therapist.

Module One: Boundary Clarity

Discover the key to setting healthy boundaries so you can confidently protect yourself and prevent relationship overwhelm. 

Learn about the only 3 relationship styles that matter.

Assess your Energetic Boundaries and discover why your EBs are the *key* to HSP liberation.

Module Two: Preparing for Your Journey

Complete a deep-dive assessment of your current Energetic Boundaries and identify where they need healing.

Learn the most common pitfalls that HSPs encounter when on this journey and how to avoid them.

Module Three: Listen to Your Body Wisdom

Learn the role your physical body plays in your Energetic Boundaries. (Hint: it’s a big one!)

Discover how to ground and center yourself no matter where you are. 

Learn powerful tools for hearing your intuitive “yes’s” and “no’s”

Module Four: Reconnect to Your Authentic Self 

Learn how to step out of people pleasing and honor your values.

Stop habits of self-abandonment and learn to stay anchored in yourself.

Discover an easy energy-shifting technique to help you restore your calm.

Module Five: Your Liberation Blueprint

Break free from the subconscious beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Learn how to identify the covert contracts you keep with yourself and others (and how to finally ditch them).

Uncover the deep connection between energetic boundaries and loving-kindness.

Module Six: Build Relationships that Love You Back

Get scripts for setting and keeping healthy relationship boundaries so you never feel at a loss for words.

Learn how to apply your new energetic boundaries for fulfilling, mutual relationships. 

Learn how to respond to energetically problematic people so you can maintain your sense of self in every relationship.

Module Seven: Your Energetic Hygiene Plan

Learn the tools I use to protect myself, release unwanted emotion and restore energetic sovereignty on a daily basis.

Uncover the untapped energy and deep well of resources you can draw from at all times. 

Module Eight: Mapping Your Next Steps

Integrate what you’ve learned so that your new tools fall into place seamlessly

Get a crystal-clear roadmap with your most important take-aways so you always have the support you need at your fingertips 

Celebrate how far you’ve come!

Take a peek inside the program!






Plus—because I’m really rooting for you—you’ll get these bonuses when you enroll.





(A $721 value for FREE!)

HSPs soak up energy that doesn’t belong to us and often struggle to release it. These guided audios use a proven technique that shifts your emotions and clears your energy in under 10 minutes.

The library includes guided meditations for energetic boundary restoration, emotional release, and more!

New to the whole HSP thing? You’re not alone! This mini course will help you explore what it means to be an HSP and how to discover your truth so you can learn more about what makes you unique and why being Highly Sensitive is actually a GOOD thing!

We all know the feeling of going about your business, and them wham! Something happens that throws you emotionally off balance. This toolkit contains the best strategies I know for bringing you back to your center so you can feel grounded and in control of your emotions -and your day- again.





"It feels like must-do work for HSPs."


"I'm becoming more empowered in having and setting boundaries. I've noticed a huge shift in feeling ok when someone is feeling anger about something!! I'm feeling better about saying no to things and giving myself more down time, and I'm also feeling less responsible for others. This is huge, for both my business and also personally!"

- Angie

“Being able to identify the old rules that I have been living by has been such an important aspect of learning how to be free of them.”

- Dnate'

“Even if you are on the fence about it, I'd sincerely recommend going for it: it will help you live and heal and learn in ways you maybe had never even considered.”

- annalisa

“One of the most significant things I’m learning in the program is that rather than always seeking the ‘other’ that I’m supposed to be, it’s okay to orient to who I am and find a path through life with that understanding as my guide.”

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“Just knowing there are others that experience the world in a similar fashion to me and are wanting to heal and grow is reassuring that I am not crazy.”

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“I would absolutely recommend this program. It’s so needed right now for sensitive people. It felt like a shelter from the storm for me.”

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You have questions & I have answers!

HSPs are an inquisitive bunch, and I’ve come prepared to answer all your questions. If you don’t find your Q here, feel free to email me at info@intuitivewarriorway.com and we’ll get you sorted.

I want to heal my energetic boundaries, but I already feel overwhelmed. Can I really do this? 

I’ve helped hundreds of HSPs heal their energetic boundaries and connect with their authentic selves without overwhelm. And I can safely say without a hiccup or a moment’s hesitation that YES, you can do it too. 

Second, it’s important to recognize that overwhelm is often caused by pressure, but there's none of that here! 

The Liberated HSP is designed to prevent information overload; you can go at your own pace and return to the course material as often as you like (you have lifetime access!). We'll meet you exactly where you’re at and honor your natural rhythm.

This is a go-at-your-own-pace, feel-good kind of course. No pressure, no demands, and no overwhelm.

What if I’m brand new to this whole HSP thing?

The Liberated HSP is 100% beginner-friendly! Plus, as soon as you enroll, you’ll have access to your suite of bonuses, including The Highly Sensitive Success Mini Course. This one-stop guide will get you up to speed on the HSP basics in just 1 read-through.  

I don’t know if I’m an HSP. Can this course still help me?

What an excellent question! Here’s a good way to tell if this course will help you, even if you don’t know if you’re a Highly Sensitive Person: 

If the descriptions on this page speak to you—which is to say, if you soak up the emotions of those around you, find yourself deeply affected by other people’s energy, or have trouble connecting with or trusting yourself—then this course is 100% for you.

What if I don't have much time to spend on myself right now? 

If you truly have zero time for yourself right now, then the timing may not be right for you to take this course. 

But if you can dedicate just 20 minutes per week to The Liberated HSP, you'll be able to fully complete the lessons and reap all the benefits of the course. 

In other words, if you can find 20 minutes per week to participate and complete this material, you’ll be building a deep connection with yourself in less time than it takes you to run to the grocery store every Sunday.

What does this program give me that I can't learn elsewhere? 

The Liberated HSP is one of the few therapist-created programs that exists to meet the unique needs of Highly Sensitive People. 

Most HSP support was created by people who don't have the professional background to help you create the powerful calm that you're looking for. I bring my expertise of 15 years as an HSP therapist to every video, worksheet, and Coaching Call.
This is *not* information you can find on Google or in a book. There's simply nothing like it out there on the market.

Is this a replacement for therapy? 

The Liberated HSP has been designed to kickstart powerful growth. It’s a fantastic complement to therapy and lays the groundwork for doing deeper therapy work, like trauma healing. 

But, make no mistake about it, The Liberated HSP is not a replacement for therapy. (In fact, nothing is!)

I feel like I have a lot to learn. Will this course be another thing to add to my to-do list? 

It all depends on your mindset. If you see this as a “have to,” then yes, it will probably feel like a chore. 

But if you see this course for what it is: a path to your liberation and a way out of constant exhaustion, it will be the most exciting couple of months you’ve ever spent on yourself. 

Plus, I teach The Liberated HSP in a straight-forward, easily digestible way meant to lower your overwhelm and get you tangible, life-changing results ASAP.

How will I stay safe if I’m not aware of others’ moods and other subtleties?

Here’s the great news: we won’t be turning off your amazing perception (that’s part of your built-in superpower). We’ll simply help you lessen the amount of “stuff” that you absorb. It’s the difference between seeing a car accident happen from 1,000 feet away and being in the car.
When you see it from afar, you still know it happened and can take action if you need to, but you’re aren’t experiencing the trauma of it in your own body (in fact, you can probably be more effective if you’re not in the car).

Will setting energetic boundaries cause me to lose love and connection? 

I’m gonna give it to you straight. There may be some people in your life who aren’t happy when you gain a stronger sense of self-respect and self-trust; those people will either come around or, if they’re committed to being unhealthy, they may move out of your life (and honestly, that’s often a liberating thing). 

Everyone else (which is many times the majority of people) will:

1. Appreciate you more because it’s easier to see the authentic you, 

2. Enjoy the joyful relationship that your new boundaries create, and/or

3. Ask you how it is that you’ve grown so much.

Healing your energetic boundaries will strengthen your relationships AND give you a more grounded, holistic sense of yourself. 

How long do I have access to this course?

When you join The Liberated HSP, you’re joining a community. That means you’ll have lifetime access to the course material.

What format is the course delivered in?

The course is delivered in the form of videos, worksheets, and audio recordings.  It's delivered through an attractive, HSP-friendly platform designed to soothe and never overwhelm.

"For the first time in my life I've learned that it's ok to be me just exactly as I am.

Also the information that I'm gaining makes me feel even more normal.  apparently it IS ok to be an HSP!

Brooke has caringly put an incredible amount of information together for the course. "


“I notice that I’m not taking on as much of other people’s energy, which has been a pattern for me with teaching. I’ve been able to feel compassion for families and my students without giving away my energy and needing to fix things for them. That’s huge progress for me!”


What surprised me is how similar I am to people from around the world. That being sensitive is a strength and the validation of others' experiences with my own has grounded me into being more in tune with my body. 

I absolutely would recommend this to people who want to gain a new level of understanding and acceptance of themselves.


I know investing in yourself is a big decision (that can even make us feel selfish).

And I know that after years of trying things that didn’t work— pulling away from others, suffering through relationships, shuffling through the day trying to avoid certain people and places—you might be hesitant to trust that The Liberated HSP can work for you. 

But let me tell you something, my friend:

You deserve to feel better. 

And you're capable of it.

You deserve to feel like you—the REAL you—without getting overwhelmed by confusion, fear, or fatigue. 

I hope you can find the courage to join me and take the first small step toward liberation.

It’s time to heal your energetic boundaries, reclaim your vitality, and finally feel confident, no matter what life throws your way. 

And not only will these changes revitalize your own life, but you'll have more energy, love, and presence for the people who matter to you.

Are you ready? 

Let’s do this. Together. 

I can’t wait to see you inside the Liberated HSP.

Yours in Sensitivity,

You deserve to feel like YOU—the real you—without anymore confusion, fear, or fatigue.



let's do this!