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Are you feeling utterly depleted just from the daily effort of trying to be a good and kind person?

burned out?

Are you struggling to maintain a level of performance, productivity, and perfectionism that just doesn't feel sustainable?


Are you critical of yourself for the things you think about, the way you are, or how you feel your life is going?



Julianne Merry

i can help because i've been there

but nowI know how to help!

Five years ago, I was burned out, unhappy and overwhelmed.

In my mid-twenties, I found myself in a very common predicament for HSPs: overwhelmed, resentful, and suffering from burnout that had left me with physical illness as well as anxiety, all of which I was attempting to keep hidden. Finally I realized something had to give. 

With the right support, I shifted my understanding of myself, and learned for the first time about being a Highly Sensitive Person. It’s through growing this awareness, especially by connecting with other HSPs, that I’ve found balance and wholeness in my life.

Can you relate?

You are a perfectionist, and suffering because of it

You suffer from self-doubt or low self-esteem

You are prone to people-pleasing

You are suffering from burnout, either at work or in life in general

I find unparalleled joy in connecting with others, no matter your story. My particular combination of traits have resulted in direct, personal experience with making peace and finding balance with many HSP-related struggles. The good news: it can be done!!

In addition to being an Intuitive Warrior coach, I'm also working towards becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor.

you're in the right place.

You are experiencing anxiety

You feel resentment toward others

You feel lost and purposeless

i'm interested

other facts about me

I'm a highly sensitive person

Finding out that I was an HSP (and what an HSP was!) was one of the most defining moments of my life. I feel so fortunate to be able to join others in their journeys.

i'm also...

... an Enneagram 9 wing 1, an ENFP on the Myers-Briggs, a trail ultramarathoner, an Animal Crossing geek, and I had a Lord of the Rings themed wedding.

My skills and passions

I believe deeply in the power of our mind/body connection, which I gained through practice and study of mindfulness and meditation. I am excited by all kinds of learning and love to bring the joy of new concepts to others.

I understand the critical importance of diversity, inclusion and equity and continuously strive to do more and do better, both for myself and in support of others.

How You'll Grow

I can support you in creating A new reality

build self-compassion

define your own sense of happiness

learn to set healthy boundaries and not feel guilty about it

let perfectionism take a back seat

learn to manage your energy

request coaching

uncover unhelpful "conditioning" that's holding you down

connect to your spiritual side
(if you're into that!)

truly understand the value of your gifts as an Hsp

"Julianne has guided me through many challenging times in my life. I am more myself now after working with her."

"I have struggled most with anxiety and self-worth. She has coached me through mindfulness practices and self assessment tools in order to methodically break down negative walls and tapes that play in my head; then using those techniques to build healthy boundaries and positive mantras keeping me true to myself."

- Jasmine

- Jarrett

"Every conversation leaves me feeling encouraged and hopeful and I always look forward to the next one."

"Julianne has been a great help to me both personally and professionally. She's a wonderfully compassionate listener and has always had great insight into how I'm feeling and what I'm trying to sort out in my head. I always feel heard without feeling judged, and feel seen without feeling like I'm under a microscope."


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A mantra for practicing acceptance:

"I am just where
I am supposed to be."