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Are you feeling stuck in the “busyness” of life, and feeling like you can’t catch your breath?


Are you finding it challenging to be in the present moment, flooded with thoughts, and overthinking the past or anticipating the future?


Are you feeling depleted, empathy overload, and even resentful?


Rebekah Wall

Do You...

Desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world...

Yet are struggling with self-doubt?

Have big dreams...

Yet have no idea how to get there while honoring your highly sensitive nature? 

you're in the right place.

Want to live from a place of authenticity, harmony and flow...

Yet struggle under the pressure, intensity and stress of everyday life? 

i'm interested

i can help because i've been there

it would be an honor to support you!

I used to think my dreams and desires were impossible to achieve for someone like me.

I spent my time fighting against myself, only seeing what I thought was wrong with me rather than what was available to me because of my uniqueness. 

When I first discovered the term Highly Sensitive Person and began deepening my knowledge, I felt a rush of emotions - happiness, relief and validation. I began a journey of acceptance, appreciation and self-compassion.

It wasn’t until I allowed myself to move with my sensitivities, instead of against them, that I truly understood what it meant to be in “flow”. 

About me/
My Approach

i am a certified yoga practitioner

As a former yoga studio owner, mind-body wellbeing is an integral part of my practice.

i believe in a mind-body connection

While working with the mind is vital, I believe working with the body is just as important. Which is why alongside our dialogue I may incorporate some body awareness practices such as breath work, gentle movement, or meditation to help you tune into your body’s innate intelligence.  

we are partners in the process

Please keep in mind that you are in the driver’s seat, we always move at your pace and only incorporate methods that you feel comfortable with. 

How You'll Grow

Ways that I can support you in creating a new reality…


prioritizing your well being without guilt or shame


improve boundaries and cultivate authentic heart centered communication

Stress Management

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Gain tools to become more grounded and present


Develop meaning and purpose alongside time management skills and peaceful productivity


coping with transitions and uncertainty with grace


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