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When You’re Walking Through a Sandstorm

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It’s been longer than normal since I connected with you. It hasn’t been for lack of care; in fact, I’m considering ways to best support you all the time.

I’ve been quiet because I’ve been walking through what feels like a sandstorm, and I’ve been waiting for my sense of clarity to return so that I could email you from a grounded, inspired place (my favorite place to be).

But after waiting for a couple months, I’ve decided to write you regardless of how I’m feeling, knowing that you’ve probably been in “foggy” places before yourself.

I’m usually someone with a lot of vision, but recently I’ve been having trouble clearly seeing the next steps for my life. I’ve felt a bit aimless and meandering, sometimes having intense emotions that seem to come out of nowhere.

As an HSP, feeling purpose and passion is what drives me, and when that’s missing, it’s really disorienting!

When I first felt these inner changes happening a couple months ago, I got scared. What was going on? Was something wrong? Who was I becoming? All my HSP depth of processing and anxiety kicked into gear.

I desperately looked around for things that felt familiar, safe, and certain. But many of the things I found felt superficial, and didn’t actually return me to that old feeling of “normal”. In fact, the more I fought against this change, the more scared and disoriented I felt.

It was only in making art and journaling that I recognized this as a time of personal growth and transition. I realized that in times of change, it’s normal to not see clearly, just like a caterpillar doesn’t know where it’s going to end up as it turns to mush and reorganizes inside its cocoon.

Since that realization, I’ve been trying to lean into the haziness, surrender to the unknown, and even find curiosity for the mystery. In doing that, what felt threatening has started to feel, on my best days, full of possibility.

In addition to this personal growth spurt, Intuitive Warrior has been going through a metamorphosis right along with me. We have a new coach and intake coordinator, a beloved employee is changing her role, we’re shifting what we offer and the way we offer it, and I’m exploring a thrilling new way to serve HSPs (you will be the first to know about it).

I know I’m not alone in making my way through the awkward and uncomfortable stages of growth. We’re in a time of global disruption and change, and because I work as a therapist and coach every day, I know there’s a good chance you’ve also been going through your own transformation the past couple years.

I’d love to know what it’s like to be you right now. Comment below and tell me: what’s working in your life? How are you struggling? In what ways do you wish you had more support?

Thank you so much for reading my share, and thanks in advance for anything you decide to share with me. I have faith that we’ll all emerge into our next iteration with our hearts intact.

Yours in Sensitivity,

P.S. I have one coaching spot coming available. If you’d like help breaking free from unhelpful patterns (in life, work, or relationships), drastically decreasing your overwhelm and anxiety, and learning to develop deep self-trust, go here to learn more and apply.

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Hi, I'm Brooke.
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Most of us HSPs grew up feeling "too sensitive", "too much" and at the same time, not enough. My mission is to help challenge those perceptions so that you see the gifts in what you thought were the worst parts of yourself. 

Around here I bring my expertise as a trauma-informed therapist to give you tips and tools for throwing off low self-esteem and living a life grounded in your authentic self. 

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