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Do you ever feel at as loss as to what to do with your emotions? They can get so big and intense sometimes, you may not know what to do with them. You might fear that if you fully surrendered to them, you’d become totally overwhelmed, never stop crying, or become non-functional. I used to think that […]


HSP Challenges

Dealing with Constant Overwhelm as a Highly Sensitive Person

Do you ever dream about going a week without feeling overwhelmed? The idea of sailing through stressors without feeling battered by them can seem out of reach.​You sometimes know what’s causing your stress: traffic was awful or your relationship with your significant other is rocky, for example. Other times, you have no idea why you’re […]


HSP Challenges

How to Overcome Shame and Self-Doubt as a Highly Sensitive Person

For over a decade, a certain group of people have come into my office for therapy. They’ve sat opposite me and shown me how people judge them, and how it’s affected the way they judge themselves. ​I see people constantly second-guessing their decisions, questioning their feelings and reactions. They didn’t start doing this on their […]


Hi, I'm Brooke.
Your HSP Friend + Cheerleader.

Most of us HSPs grew up feeling "too sensitive", "too much" and at the same time, not enough. My mission is to help challenge those perceptions so that you see the gifts in what you thought were the worst parts of yourself. 

Around here I bring my expertise as a trauma-informed therapist to give you tips and tools for throwing off low self-esteem and living a life grounded in your authentic self. 

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